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Winter season colds, coughs, sore throats are kicking in!

Here are a few simple remedies: - honey with sitopaldi, tumeric, and a few drops of fresh ginger juice - at bedtime warm milk with tumeric and ginger powder (for dry cough only) - chamomile, marshmallow and/or peppermint tea - opt for ginger tea throughout the day, instead of caffeine - oil massage to chest & upper back with mustard oil and eucalyptus (if mucous build up), otherwise coconut oil - eat easily digestible food, all warm and cooked such as, soup, kitchari, adding herbs & spices like ginger, tumeric, pepper corns, coriander, cloves - avoid wheat, refined sugar, diary products, fruit, all cold & dry food, and processed foods

Note: remedies may vary depending upon your symptoms and dosha state. For more details and consultation contact me.

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