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The joy of sleep...?

Our body requires good quality, undisturbed sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate, to repair tissue, emotional balance, highly beneficial for the nervous system, and generally good for health.

Sleep is a natural de-stressor as during this time accumulated stress and experiences are processed and released.

To overcome disturbed sleep is challenging if you are a parent with children, shift working, pain in the body, work deadlines, exams, stress, anxiety, external noise and much more.

But those of you who have trouble with sleep have quite difficult days and nights which then leads to impairing your daily function and immune system, less clarity, feeling stressed and irritable are just a few examples.

Here are a few tips on a daily routine to help improve your sleep:

- sleep and wake up at the same time daily - eat your greens, mineral rich nuts, seeds - inhale soothing aromas that are claiming, soothing and relaxing - increase rich magnesium foods, as magnesium is a healthy muscle relaxer and induces sleep - if there is a lot of chitter chatter going on in your head, 1 hour before bedtime write this down, so by the time you go to bed you feel more at ease and relaxed - eat your main meal at lunchtime and a lighter meal in the evening - avoid late night snacks, drinks and caffeine, opt for a calming warm drink, 1 hour before bedtime - switch off use of phone and computers at least 1.5 hours before bedtime, the stimulus of texting, calling, emails, or whatever increases stress levels and the dialogue in your head - keep your bedroom comfortable, calm, dim lights, no phones or other electrical gadgets - if you do have an active mind, try breathing techniques, simple yoga postures, yoga nidra

In Ayurvedic medicine daily routine is one of the key treatment plans. Routine brings balance, it is rejuvenating by inviting vitality and clarity to the mind, body and spirit, with very little effort. It is one of the most grounding and nurturing practices you can do for yourself.

Above are just few suggestions. For more details on how to manage your sleep contact me for an Ayurvedic consultation and/or Yoga asana & pranayama practices.

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