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Spring is here!

Spring to me is such an abundant time of the year. It makes me feel alive and excited, an opportunity to create.

Though if you are feeling sluggish, mucousy, cold symptoms, fatigued then you may not feel excited.

Seasons are a great time to change, especially from winter to spring. Throughout winter we build up water and earth elements in the body, this increases Kapha dosha from heavy, sweet foods, cuddling up on the couch, longer lie ins in bed, less exercise, all off which can slow the digestion and lead to accumulation of undigested food wastes (or ama). As the weather gets warm, this accumulated ama starts to liquefy and move, leading to slow digestion, mucousy colds, hay fever, sluggish, fatigued, congested, sinus symptoms.

So to re-ignite the digestion, melt away the build of any congested feeling in the body there are simple Ayurvedic and Yoga practices you can introduce:

- Specific foods that are cooked, warm, light and to easy digest, that will cleanse the body and promote stronger digestion, such as legumes like split peas, red lentils, green vegetables, soups

- Adding spices such as ginger, black pepper, fennel, coriander, cumin

- Lemon, ginger juice water first thing in the morning

- Drinks such as ginger, fennel throughout the day

- Have a routine – including waking and sleeping same time daily, 3 meals same time daily

- Keep warm, slow down, observe what is stressing you out, and look at what you can change, because some of it you can change, it is possible

- Get a massage

- Get moving, exercise – walking in nature, gentle run, yoga such as sun salutations, pranayama

- Wake up early – moving from the Kapha regimen which is staying cuddled up in bed or the couch longer, eating comforting heavy foods, and move into the Pitta regimen to having a strong digestion, ambitious, full of energy

- Avoid sugar, diary, caffeine, dry, cold foods and drinks

- Before careful in the morning and evenings when the weather can still be quite changeable, feeling cold and dry, adjusting your clothing and foods accordingly

For more details, contact me to book an Ayurvedic consultation and/or Yoga therapy session, to understand your body type during the seasons. Implementing some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle you might just be inspired to do this every year!

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