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Patra - Gujarati Indian snack

Home grown patra leaves and home cooked patra at my parents house. My dad has been growing these elephant looking ears for a number of years in his green house. Each summer they grow in abundance, and I get very excited as I can then roll up my sleeves and start preparing them (these ones were made by my amazing mum ❤️), and then I get to eat one my favourite Gujarat snacks! 😋😋

They come from Aravi leaves, grown most commonly in India but my mum said also in East Africa, she was born there.

This recipe combines a smooth paste of chickpea flour, spices, sweet and sour flavours, which are applied on the leaves, rolled and steamed. Patra preparation is a skill that requires practice & patience, but well worth it!

I love eating them once steamed or in oil with sesame, mustard and fennel seeds, sprinkled with fresh coriander leaves. A great snack to have with Indian chai, sweet & sour chutney or on these very hot days a cool lassi (can be made with coconut milk or plain yogurt). If you can't get these leaves then patra can be made with large spinach leaves, still tastes as good 😋😋

What's your favourite snack, share with me!

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