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Lower back pain and sciatica

Anyone who has suffered lower back pain or sciatica knows your sciatic nerves are not shy about getting your attention when they are irritated. The nerve runs from the lower back all the way down the back of the leg. Which can produce sudden, sharp shooting pain, a tingling sensation, numbness, and intensifies upon pressure. The muscles around the sacroiliac joint, between the sacrum and pelvis can play a role in sciatic pain. This is where yoga can help, that's what bought me to yoga nearly 20 years ago. Through yoga, the stretches, asanas, breathing techniques created space in the sacroiliac joint which began to ease my pain. I also learned to be kinder to myself, observed what was making me feel stressed. And with this awareness I started to unwind and change, and then my lower back unwinded too!

Through my knowledge and experience I provide Yoga and Ayurveda therapy to help you manage your lower back pain and manage your stress, leading to a more balanced, unwind way of life!

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