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Food is medicine!

The better the quality of food the better the medicine.

Ayurveda is about understanding food through its qualities and how they effect us when eaten.

In Ayurveda we are created by the five elements: - ether/space - air - fire - water - earth

So too is food!

Each food is defined by 1 of 6 tastes: - sweet (earth & water), dates, rice, pumpkin - sour (earth & fire), lemon, vinegar, fermented foods - salty (fire & water), sea salt, rock salt - pungent (fire & air), ginger, garlic, - astringent (air & earth), green grapes, cranberries - bitter (air & ether), tumeric, green vegetables

These 6 tastes helps us to work out which food contains the building blocks that we are in need of in our body.

Knowing the right dosage of food, when to take, how to prepare, cook, that is suitable for the individual. While the right food may invigorate, heal, ground one individual, the same amount may cause stress to others. Eating the wrong foods can lead the digestion to become impaired, toxins accumulate and disease or dis-ease occurs! Meaning not being at ease with oneself.

Learn and understand through Ayurvedic medicine the right food, tastes and qualities for your body to great a healthy you!

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