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Creating space and time for yourself...

At a yoga class most students long for savasana. When you are invited to rest, I often say this is your time, eyes closed and just melt into your mat. You begin to feel you could keep your eyes closed, drifting and melting forever!

So many students ask me 'can we just not stay here all night'. It's not always easy to bring yourself back after this deep relaxation, to end the class and drive home, when all you really want to do is stay curled up, safe, and deeply rested.

In reality we are pulled and pushed by family, work, life commitments, and through all this creating space and time for oneself is proving difficult. But, what if we gave ourselves permission? Permission can be given to create this space and time, to feel connected to ourselves, to feel human again. Falling into fear, anxiety, guilt takes away our power and decreases the space and time we need.

It is important to check in on ourselves to notice how we feel, just pause where you are and notice. To be consciously aware and notice this then brings true change. When you pause you learn when to step away, curl up and rest.

Some ways to create time and space: - enjoy a mindful cup of tea, sit and feel the warmth of the cup, the aroma from the tea, taste on your palate, experience this without any distraction - go for a walk - listen to a podcast - take a regular digital detox - declutter to make space in your home - take deep conscious breaths in moments of stress or anxiety - soak in a candlelit bath

Life if a gift, be mindful and give yourself permission to create time for calm, quiet space to bring balance into your life.

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