True meditation “… simply means being present to what is: … the spaciousness in which everything is arising, the listening stillness, the aliveness and vibrant present-ness of everything …”  Joan Tollifson

Meditation is a technique to still the mind.  The mind focuses on an object, it can be the breath, the still point, or it can be an object, a candle, a symbol, a chant, or the eyebrow centre.  The main point is to remember exactly what we are focusing on and if the mind strays to bring it back to the object. When you meditate you narrow your focus, the nervous system calms down and the mind begins to settle.  When you meditate, you give your attention to one thing, and you do not think about anything else.

Meditation has the ability to turn down the volume inside our own minds by turning off the negative thoughts and feelings we all experience.  Meditation gives us the opportunity to wipe out negative, and past thoughts and you can begin to rewrite how the mind, body and spirit which processes information and reacts to our own environments – bringing in positive attitude within ourselves. Meditation is an adventure of self-discovery, self-realisation. 


For me the regular practice of meditation did not come easy. For nearly 2 years all I could experience was the chitter chatter in my head! I need to do this, that and the other!  I want to change this that and the other! Etc etc etc.

Through all this chitter chatter I realised that something about myself, that I was unhappy... with my job, some aspects of my personal life, and the passion that I wanted to do more, give more in this life.  Over time as I began to understand all this chitter chatter I started to actually listen and take charge and steps in my life, to change!  Some were tiny small and some were huge big changes!  All positive and healing to my overall wellbeing.

With meditation and thought we are offering ourselves a choice:

  • do I want to live an abundant life, or

  • do I want to dwell in negativity? 

  • should I continue to think this way about my job, my friends, etc., or

  • do I want to think differently? 


Meditation has helped me clarify all of these questions for. Drawing me more deeply into my thoughts, to a place where I can see them for what they are, sort them out and make the best choices for myself.  


Once you begin to focus on the source and context of your thoughts, you can begin to heal and move away from the fear and negativity that you all feel some days, and lead a more productive, positive life in full awareness.