Deena Solanki

Yoga Therapy Teacher & Ayurvedic Practitioner

BSc Hons with Integrated Masters (Ayurvedic Medicine)

British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) accredited Yoga Teacher

Yoga and Ayurveda has taught me the art of self-study on a mental, physical and emotional level by clarifying other parts of my life, this included my relationships, my work, my ability to set aside time for myself. Relaxation, breathing, meditation, journaling, yoga postures, and eating better brought about an environment of inner reflections and change, flexibility, strength, better health, and much more!

My practice of Yoga started over 19 years ago. I wasn’t sleeping well, feeling stressed and anxious and sciatic pain! My GP suggested I try Yoga to help me manage my sciatica, to help to build up my stamina and strength in my lower back, and to manage my stress and anxiety. After my first class of yoga I had the best sleep that night in nearly 2 years! My sciatica pain eased too, like I had never had it. I was hooked after that first class and I haven’t stopped!

Yoga has helped me to understand and manage my emotional wellbeing, particularly when I have felt anxious and stressed. Yoga has helped me to manage physical health, with it being sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, any physical system, how, through breathing, through my yoga practice. To this day as long as I practice yoga daily, even if its  15-20 minutes practice it has such a profound effect on my health, mind, body, and general wellbeing.


In 2006 I started a Foundation course on Yoga, to understand Yoga at a deeper level and to enhance my practice. After completing the foundation, the course teacher suggested I do the Yoga Teacher Training diploma, my first response was ‘I don’t want to be a yoga teacher!’.  My teacher said I don’t need to be thinking about becoming a teacher, it would just continue to enhance my learning. So with that I embarked on a 3-year diploma. After 1 year into the diploma I decided that I wanted to teach and I haven't stopped teaching since 2008.


Through teaching, my students have been my teachers, it has and still is an ongoing learning to help and support my students through the classes.

My journey on the path and introduction to Ayurvedic medicine was through an illness in 2005, acne and digestive issues. I had already been consulting an allopathic physician for a number of years. The medication prescribed helped to manage the condition, however I was experience side effects for the long-term use of the medication. I felt there must be something else that can help me. 

Ayurveda was recommended to me by a friend. After seeing the Ayurvedic Practitioner after my first consultation I started to get some understanding on how my condition had occurred and how it could be managed. I was very excited about the prospect of what may come, though after 24 hours after having my consultation I was in tears. I was being asked to change a huge part of how was eating, living and processing my daily life. This included my diet, which was a shock, because I was being asked to stop eating all the things I loved and eat and cook in a very different way. After that initial breakdown, a week into the treatment plan, which included herbal medication and diet change my thought process changed. I cannot pinpoint what it exactly was, maybe my determination that I wanted to take control of my wellbeing, together with I could no longer deal with the pain of my condition.

Within four weeks I noticed a huge change to my condition. I was determined to go all the way with the treatment plan. After two years, fully committed to the treatment plan, which included herbal medication, diet, and lifestyle changes, my whole being, mentally, emotionally and on a physical level had changed in a positive way.

After teaching for over 2 years I felt I wanted to give more to my students. I found from teaching that most of my students had some sort of condition and were asking me questions about their wellbeing. In 2010 I started my 4 year degree and Masters in Ayurvedic medicine, so that I could have a more broader approach in helping my students to manage their wellbeing.